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            The Parish Church of St. Mary,


Windows in the Aisles

These, without exception, are memorial windows, put in 1876-1901. In them the subject of the window is usually related to the profession or activity of the deceased.  Thus a priest-headmaster gets the apostles Peter and Paul, and a Guardian of the Poor is remembered by the Good Samaritan. A lady Church worker is remembered in the women of the New Testament, and a Founder of Hutton School by a window on the subject of “Suffer the little children to come unto me”.

North Aisle, east end.

Robert Ascroft d. 1876

At the  top of the window

“ Thine alms have gone up for a memorial before God”

In the left hand compartment, almsgiving is illustrated, and in the right, the Good Samaritan.  There is a brass plaque beneath the window.  Besides being Town Clerk of Preston 1852-75, this gentleman was also Chairman of the Preston Union Guardians of the Poor 1859-66.

North Wall, east of centre

John Walmsley d. 1896

Signed ”Sewards of Lancaster 1897”, this window was subscribed for by his workpeople and is just behind the pew he used to occupy.

South Aisle, east end

John Cooper, bur 1888

At the top of the window:

  “ Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly before God”

The three compartments have female figures represented “Fides”, “Spes” and “Caritas”:  Faith, Hope and Charity.  John Cooper lived at “The Oaks” and his funeral  was the occasion for a 2,000 word sermon reprinted in the magazine.

South Wall, east

Christopher Walton, fl. 16th Century

Christopher Walton gave the benefaction that formed the basis for Hutton School.  The window, by Cox and Buckley of London, was given by a descendant in 1891.  At the top of the window is the Achievement of Walton, and the glass below illustrates:

   “Suffer the little children to come unto me”.

South wall, centre

Mary Rawstorne d. 1900

Three compartments illustrate famous women of the New Testament.  At the centre is the Virgin Mary.  On the left  the text “She hath done what she could” adorns the picture of Mary of Bethany, who is seen holding the phial from which she anointed Jesus (Mk 14). On the right is Dorcas, the seamstress, “Full of good works and almsgiving” (Ac 9). A brass on the sill records the dedication of the window in 1901.

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