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            The Parish Church of St. Mary,


Rev’d Rebecca Crowe,  4 Hill Road  01772 751398

After 4 years with us Rebecca is moving to pastures new and she will be  licensed on Monday 20th June at 7.30 pm  at the Church of the Ascension, Woolston, Warren Lane, Warrington WA1 4PH. She will become the Team Vicar of the Warrington East Team covering Birchwood and Woolston.

It’s always good to know something about someone’s character, as well as what they’ve done.  I’m 31 years old, have a fairly quiet and reflective personality, and am passionate about helping people relate to Jesus and church being a place that relates to where people are at.  I love cooking, doing hospitality, good food, the cinema and theatre, and generally just catching up with friends.  People often see me as a ‘completer-finisher’ because I like to see things finished and done well.  I care deeply about people and want to see everyone achieve their best.

For almost three years now I’ve been training for ordination at Trinity College in Bristol.  Originally I’m from Manchester, or at least that’s where I did most of my growing up, and my parents still live there.  My faith journey has been gradual, but it was through the church I attended as a young person and that Jesus became real to me.  My journey to this point in my life has also been quite gradual.  When leaving school I sensed some call to work for the church, but had no idea what it may look like and had completely ruled out any idea of becoming a vicar!  As is often the case God had that last laugh with that one!

First time round at University I studied hospitality management, but like so many haven’t used my degree, that is apart from working in the village pub as a student.  Since then I’ve worked for a couple of charities doing community development work in inner city Manchester and Salford.  For the four years before coming to college I was Administrator & Development Officer at St. James’ in Clitheroe.  It was through my role there that over time I gained a sense of feeling that I had more to give than the role of administrator, and it was at that point that I realised maybe God was calling me to ordination after all.

Some of the highlights of my training have been the placements I have undertaken.  My first placement was a cooking project for women who were trying to put their lives back together after working on the street.  At the end of my first year I did an amazing parish placement that I absolutely loved in inner city Manchester, where I saw some really inspiring work with and in the local community.  Just this summer I had the privilege of spending a month in New York working alongside ministries with those suffering from homelessness, addiction and mental health concerns.  Finally, this year I am attached to a local parish church in Bristol in a fairly affluent neighborhood.  What has been special about all of these placements is that I have had the opportunity to share the message of Jesus in ways that are relevant to the particular contexts, as well as working alongside some very special people who know their communities so well.

One of the things I am most looking forward to in coming to Penwortham is to work alongside not only Chris, but all of you too.  I’m really looking forward to finding out about what matters to you in Penwortham, and about your individual journeys of faith.  It is my prayer that my time in Penwortham will be a time of learning and encouragement for each of us, and for all who live in Penwortham.